During this Autscape year (September 2010 – August 2011) committee meetings
will normally be held in the third week of the month at 1pm on Wednesdays
(odd months) alternating with Sundays (even months). An announcement will
be sent out as usual in advance of each meeting.

As usual the meetings will be held online in IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

Server: Starlink-IRC network
Channel: #autscape.

Everyone is invited to join the channel and observe. Only committee
members will be able to talk while the meeting is in session, but
observers can talk before, after, and during the break.


If you have any IRC program installed, use it to connect to the
server and join channel #autscape.

If you don’t have experience with IRC, you can use a web-based chat
programme found here:

Visit that URL, enter a nickname, and you’ll enter #autscape via mibbit.com
, a third-party webchat interface. Give it a few seconds to join the

Firefox user? Then install the Chatzilla add-on from

and then simply go to this address to join us:


You might want to try this out, experiment and make sure it works,
before the meeting. Outside meeting hours, everyone can talk in the
channel. Please feel free to ask any committee member if you have any
questions or problems.

Posted by KenG