Call for submissions – Autistic authors from around the world!

Help us revitalize the short story!

(Please send or re-post this for all interested parties)

Emila Murry Ramey and Jody John Ramey, authors of the book Autistics’ Guide to Dating, are proposing to edit a short-story collection for our publisher, containing short-stories written by Autistics from around the world. We are looking for talented, vibrant authors to be a part of this potential project through Jessica Kingsley.

You do not have to be a published author to participate. The value of this project is that it will provide evidence that culture has impact on Autistic people, and that culture cannot be separated from the Autistic person when making claims about that individual. This is a project by Autistics, for Autistics, and those who love them.

We plan to submit the book proposal to Jessica Kingsley as soon as we have a number of stories selected for the project. We would like people to submit work as soon as they are ready. An author may submit any number of short stories for consideration, but submitting work will not guarantee that it will be selected. This call for submissions will expire 31 March 2011. Extensions on this deadline may be made on a case by case basis.

Summary: Short-story, any genre, any subject, English language, less than 3,000 words, by authors on the autism spectrum.

Submit story in a file saved as a .doc, and attach to the email. Also include the text in the body of the email message. Send to and include as much contact information as possible so we can locate you to sign a publication contract. Please include your country of origin and country of residence if that is different. If you are not residing in your country of origin, please give a brief bio telling us how long you have been there. Any questions or queries, just email us and let us know. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

contributed by Ken G