Autspks has always been our enemy

They should be apologising to every adult Autist on this planet

There should be apologies to every parent of an Autistic child everywhere

I demand an apology

I demand the resignation of their money grabbing board

I demand the halt to all of their research into the ’cause’ and cures for Autism

I demand that there stockpile of monies be turned over to ASAN
where a splinter group perhaps called We.Speak could be formed

There should be ASAN or WE.Speak marches where money could be gathered for treatments of the children and those adults who have not managed to join society.

This has always been our desire here at AFF

There can be no greater actvism for Autists than to wipe all vestiges of AutSpks from this planet.

Any interviews conducted should be in public (radio,TV, live webcast) where all of us can see and judge them for ourselves.

The interview should be conducted by a trusted member of the membership here.

For those new members who question the stars under my name.

Look at the top of this page and see which forum you are on

there is a stickied thread ( ) where you can follow the instructions. Give your introduction stateing you activism. Anti AutSpks…..Pro AutSpks… wish to do activism for the children or the adults. Whatever your activism.

You will probably then recieve your own stars.

Its simple, join us. Lets bring the activism part of our board back to life, with new blood and fresh ideas.

And for goodness sakes lets bring AutSpks crashing down to earth, no longer able to bother Autists anywhere


Up with We.Speak

posted to AFF by Skyblue1

Practically speaking, we probably don’t need to get rid of Autism Speaks before setting up this We.Speak thing. I think We.Speak would work better as a counter message. It needs some more specifics, though.

We.Speak, what a great idea!  I second the motion.

[quote=skyblue1 ]
There’s so much wronge with this picture:

…aaa scrw it, I’ve got better things to do than argue with you

Just think about this; if your soul purpose in life is only to destroy someone else, than the only thing you will ever achieve is being a creep who hangs out in their shadow. Aim higher.

It is an inspiration thread. Ya know, a pep talk.

Supposed to stir up thoughts

Remembering what our cause is

That we speak for ourselves

And if we do happen to get an actual orginization going

So much the better