These are the companies and organizations donating to Autism Speaks as of early April 2011. If anyone knows of any others, please pass info along.

United States

Ongoing Donors:

-Toys R Us/Babies R Us
-TJ Maxx
-Build-A-Bear Workshop
-Lindt Chocolates
-Dollar General
-Etnies Shoes
-White Castle
-Modell’s Sporting Goods
-Lord & Taylor
-The Bachman Company
-General Motors/Chevrolet
-Bath & Body Works
-FOX Sports
-Landscape Structures
-Pump It Up
-NASCAR: Dover International and Charlotte International Speedways also contribute separately
-NEST Home Fragrances (sold through Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman)
-Amber Alert Registry
-Artists for Autism (including affiliated cafes)
-Lindamood-Bell Tutoring – promotes them highly, not sure about $$$ raising

Intermittent, or April Only (apparently – some of these were unclear)

-Casey’s General Stores
-Mattress Warehouse
-Lamar Digital Advertising
-Home Depot
-Dave and Buster’s
-National Football League
-Joe’s Crab Shack (IL and MO)
-ThinkGeek – 4/11/11: is reconsidering their donating but haven’t actually said no yet – please contact them re: this
-CafePress – ongoing through this April, then will stop permanently
-St. Louis Cardinals (MO)
-Charlotte Checkers & Eagles (NC)

Canada: (as Autism

-The Globe & Mail (appears to be MAJOR media partner)
-KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation
-National Hockey League – incl. NHLPA and NHL Alumni Association, U.S. teams

UK: as Autistica

-eBay UK
-Adventure Cafe Ltd. (organizes/operates Autistica’s fundraising bike challenges)

Please be aware that the following are arms of Autism Speaks or have merged with them:

-Autism Treatment Network/Toddler Treatment Network (U.S.)
-Shafallah (based in Qatar)
-Athletes Against Autism (U.S./Canada)
-ACRE (Autism Coalition for Research & Education)
-NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research)
-CAN (Cure Autism Now)

posted by Meega Na La Queesta