I am not good at waiting.

Gray is not my color. In the case of Bob and Tammy Fae Baker, A Mainstream American lower Midwest Baptist, Luthern, Methodist, middle class blend, with waterslides, they were deposed for airconditioning the dog house. They had a mission, making that dog stay outside was just un Christian, and the $18,000 could have been put to better use. Like a bigger waterslide.

There were a lot of the best people involved until the paychecks stopped. It was based on donations, and when word got out that the dog was made to stay in the yard, donations stopped, and people took their children to the Jellystone Campground.

Sure, the waterslides are smaller, but they allow dogs.

Now running psychology tests here to prove we are defective, and hence should do as your NT betters say, I am not sure if you are lost in the forest, or lost in the trees, but you have lost.

Saying Bad Dog might work in your world, but wolves live in the forest.

You are still trying to pitch autism as exhibited in eight year olds. Sure they are bad dogs, an ugly duckling, that all ducks pick on till they grow up to become Swans.

So you have all your ducks in a line.

Having never studied adult outcomes you have no idea what we become in time. You just wanted to stomp on the nests.

So you come to our Preserve yelling duck slogans, not watching where you step, a townie in the wild lands.

A disturbance in the peace of the countryside attracts attention, what is it? It sounds like a moose with a broken leg. Its suffering replaces tranquility. A broad circle forms to restore tranquiity, end suffering, the circle closes, peace returns.

So someone recently told you you were autistic, gave you some pills for that, you spoke with the best of NT minds about how tragic it all is, and thumping the Sacred DSM charged into the homeland of old free range autistics, where children play, and people older than your grandparents sit and think.

We have our own religion thank you. We have heard of yours going back fifty years, but it never attracted us. Perhaps your talents would do better elsewhere, like Preaching to the Bears in Yellowstone.

Autism is not the excuse you seem to use it for, that is just you. It is a rare difference in thought and perception. Day to day life gets on well with the common thought, but there come times when something else is needed.

In lives long past we were there, hung around my neck a Swan carved in antler. We are like the other birds, we just continue growing long after they stop. We are the first to go north in the spring, and the last to return in the fall. Swan Song ends the year and brings the snow.

We are a people of another vision, not defective ducks.

As through all of time, the Great Mother has lead us to a place to live in peace. We are closer to the other animals, the land, plants, and the stars, we hear things you do not, for we listen.

Some sing songs of life, some their death song, ever drawing their end nearer.

Sing your own song, it is the only one you have

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