So many autistics suffered for years at the hands of mercury fanatics, those obsessed with the notion that mercury was the cause of autism. Suffering chelation, extreme diets, multiple daily injections and various other torturous attempts at curing mercury poisoning which simply did not exist.

Many other autistics suffered insults, ridicule, personal attacks and scorn for simple saying “I am not poisoned by mercury” and explaining the reality.

How many of us were attacked on blogs, banned from autism parent forums, and condemned when simply expressing an opinion online because we stuck to our beliefs that we were not poisoned.

I know autistics who had tissue samples taken against their will during their parents hopeless attempts to prove mercury was the cause of autism.

I shudder to think of the years of hell for the youngest, most vulnerable autistic children who had large amounts of blood taken for tests to prove needless mercury theories. At least one of these children died directly from the huge amounts of blood taken.

When Dr. Andrew Wakefield was finally discredited it still took time for the major pro-mercury theory organisations to really accept it.

For the real victims of the whole scam, the apology has never happened.

There has been no apology from the many organisations that badgered and ridiculed pro-autism orgs, no apology from the many doctors that profited hugely from desperate and ignorant curebie parents that dreamed of a ‘normal’ child hidden inside their ‘poisoned’ child.

No apology to the medically abused children, no apology at all.

This is an open invitation to the thousands upon thousands of people that believed in mercury poisoning so much that they harmed child and adult autistics either in words or actions in order to pursue their theories.

You may post here and offer an apology, autistics are still waiting.