Now is the time for change and I mean real fundamental change, not tweaking the bio of an employee on their website.

An integral part of Aut speaks mission has always been to raise funds for the scientific community at the expense of the autistic community. By diverting money away from those that need it they increase the suffering and so they increase their clamour for more money; growing ever more powerful, influential and deceitful along the way.

They claim that ‘Persons with ASD are at the heart of what we do’ and yet their actions are more akin to ripping the heart out of our community.
At the heart of what they are currently doing is their odious

Strategic 3-Year Plan for Science

A world where suffering because of autism no longer exists

“To improve the future of those struggling with ASD by funding research and developing resources that will accelerate discovery, development, and dissemination of methods for prevention, treatment, and cure”

To achieve this they set themselves five goals which I have quoted below from their website.

Problem: Until we understand the causes of autism, it will be difficult to identify at-risk populations and develop effective strategies for prevention, treatment, or cure.
Our goal: Identify genetic and environmental risk factors for autism and their interaction

Problem: Until we understand the underlying biological mechanisms of autism, it will be difficult to develop effective strategies for prevention, treatment, or cure.
Our goal: Identify the underlying biological mechanisms of autism

Problem: Reliable, efficient, and scalable diagnostic and risk assessment methods are not available, making it difficult to detect autism in infants, predict prognosis and response to treatment, and acquire large data bases for discovery of the causes and best treatments of autism.
Our goal: Develop improved and more efficient diagnosis and risk assessment methods

Problem: Although early behavioral intervention is effective for improving outcomes, many persons with ASD continue to struggle despite early intervention. We don’t yet have effective treatments for all individuals with ASD and we have almost no knowledge regarding how to prevent autism.
Our goal: Identify effective treatment and prevention strategies for individuals with ASD

Problem: Although effective methods for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of ASD exist, the majority of individuals with ASD do not have access to these clinical practices.
Our goal: Widespread dissemination of empirically-validated methods for screening, diagnosis, and treatment to the broader community worldwide.

Well time is up. Their 3 year plan was for 2009 – 2011. Its judgment time.

Unless they can come up with some miraculous announcements in the next couple of months my judgement would be, Fail – Fail – Fail – Fail and yes I think that last one is a Fail as well.

In fact the only area where Aut speaks have been successful, is in deceiving the American public.

Now it is time for a change – it is time for a new strategic plan.

The research industry will of course put a positive spin on these failures and be pleading for three more years of the same.
They have no interest in the welfare of the ASD community, they are only interested in keeping their laboratories busy with Aut speaks money.

That is why it is more important than ever, wherever you are, to keep bashing at the walls of the Aut speaks empire.

We must tell them it’s time for change and ITS TIME TO LISTEN.

Keep bashing and may the force be with you.

posted by: heterodox