We are looking for some regular longterm users wanting to contribute some articles for our homepage.

Those who match the following criteria will be accepted and may apply by clicking “join group” at http://www.aspiesforfreedom.com/usercp.p…usergroups – if you are not accepted please do not take offence, we will reconsider you later if you prove yourself.

1.A long term regular user

2.Good grasp of the english language, good spelling and grammar

3.Good grasp of AFF’s aims

4.Agreement with our views (those who want to write an opposing view are welcome to submit single articles however)

5.It helps to provide sample writing, but not having samples will not be held against you

For those with an opposing view who wish to write an article please post it in the “AFF news” section where it will be unapproved by default and PM myself indicating you would like it published. I will review it using criteria such as how honest it is and the quality of the writing itself, and will publish it marking it as “the opposing viewpoint” with commentary at the end of your article.

The policy on opposing views is intended to allow discussion of opposing viewpoints without censorship and publication of any article in this category indicates that whatever your message is, it will likely be heavily criticised. If you post an article for publication in this category and it is not accepted, then it will still be posted for community review on the site by request unless it contains any content that is actually illegal to publish.

A note on copyright:
By publishing stuff here you grant us a license to republish it, where “us” means the owners of this site and the general community.
Any such reproduction will indicate the original author and if it is modified, such modifications will be indicated in any reproduction.
Should you disagree with these terms, do not submit anything. If you submit an article and later file any sort of takedown notice, it will be ignored and any attempt at legal action later will result in a countersuit for expenses and damages.
Should you submit someone else’s work, I will personally cooperate with them if you attempt to take credit for their work and takedown notices from third parties will be honoured so far as the law requires them to be honoured.