Middle School
You told me no,
I told me yes,
You told me I couldn’t,
I thought what if?
You told me to give up,
But I kept going.
The hell I lived in,
The toll I paid
For daring to be different
And not think in your way,
You told me I was different and not ok,
Threw me in a separate classroom like I had no brain,
Had me ride a short bus for hours at a time,
Just to face discrimination where you tore me apart .
The tears were like showers for many of the nights,
Showers I faced under the darkest of light,
Showers of my regrets,
Showers lacking light,
Showers full of pain, needles, and spite.
But I still loved the world,
That threw me to the sharks,
In water’s so cold.
I was just a child then; I had no choice,
To stand up for myself,
Or to put up a fight.
I was only 13,
I cried myself to sleep,
Nobody there,
Not even a peep,
Barely a friend,
No one to teach,
No one to teach me the correct way to speak,
No family that cared as it seemed at the time,
No one to relate to,
So much to despise,
Soaking in my regrets,
In a world so cold,
Alone at night,
My emotions grew old.
There was one person there,
And that person was you,
Abusing me because you saw me as weak,
I was only a child,
But you took that away,
Made me despise myself in many ways,
I spent countless nights,
Starring at a knife,
Dreaming of the day I wouldn’t have to put up a fight,
As a cried myself to sleep for many of the nights,
I couldn’t stop thinking about taking my own life.
The pain I felt,
The horrible feelings,
The way I kept dreaming of the day I stopped breathing,
I was told “no, don’t take your own life”,
“It’s a selfish decision and you should put up despite”,
But they were the one’s who were truly selfish,
Wanting me to go on living in pain,
Dealing with depression in the hardest of ways,
But I overcame those feelings eventually one day,
Years after I graduated High School I dealt with that pain.
There are a few questions that I have for you?
Did you realize my pain?
What’s your excuse?
How could you treat a child like that?
Put him through hell with no one at bat.
But as time passed,
I realized the lies,
That you told a child that ruined his life,
I’m stronger now,
I realize the pain,
That you might be still giving children in equal ways to this day,
So I’m going to make sure people like you,
Stop getting chances to destroy our youth,
Never get to teach,
Never affect lives,
This is one thing that I will always do Because I despise,
The way you affected me,
And told me these lies,
But now I will go on living my life.
But there’s one last thing,
That I have to say to you,
Would it hurt or mend your heart if I told you that I forgive you.

contributed by: Photoguruchris