Invitation to Autscape 2011 🙂

Autscape 2011: Owning Autism

The registration for Autscape 2011 is now open.
Places tend to fill up quickly.
Register early to secure your place at this year’s Autscape!

For information about registration options, fees, supplements and discounts, and links to the online registration form, please go to:

What is Autscape?
Autscape is a three day residential conference in the UK, organised by and for autistics.
There are workshops, leisure activities, social opportunities, and more, all specifically oriented to the needs and preferences of autistics.

Autscape welcomes participants from across the spectrum, including self-diagnosed ones, and is also sympathetic to non-autistics.
By the very nature of the event, we are primarily oriented to autistics’ needs and interests, but there is much to be learned and enjoyed for open minded non-autistics.

Participants of all ages are welcome to attend, but children and young people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Childcare is provided for children up to 16 during daytime workshop hours at a ratio of 1 childcare worker to 6 children.

People who need a full time carer, who don’t use speech, or who may otherwise consider themselves ‘too severe’ are specifically encouraged to attend.
No matter where on or off the spectrum you find yourself, there is no need to be afraid that you won’t fit in!
Diversity enriches the experience for everyone!

For more information, please visit:

by: Ken G.