Autistics Speaking Day on facebook:

An autism organization in Australia is running an event called “Communication Shutdown” on November 1st. The event is meant to make non-autistic people understand the social isolation that autistic people feel. But this event has been called into question by autistic bloggers for many reasons.

1. Autistic people are not silent, online or offline.
2. Non-autistic people will have no more clue what autistic people’s lives are like simply by staying off of Facebook for a day, because while they are avoiding their computer, they are still not autistic.
3. The invention of the Internet has prevented autistic people from feeling so isolated. Autistic people use social networking sites, forums, and blogs to talk to other autistic people, and even nonverbal autistics or autistics who have difficulty effectively communicating have an opportunity to socialize online.

Corina Becker, an autistic woman who runs the blog No Stereotypes Here (…g-day.html ), has proposed to make November 1st Autistics Speaking Day. Autistic people will be using the day to speak out and it is time for non-autistic people to listen. To paraphrase Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg’s post, saying that we are silent makes our voices even more unheard, and we will not be silent if the rest of the world listens to us. (…ember-1st/ )

If you want to know what it is like to be autistic, please listen to us and learn. This, not Communication Shutdown, will make autistic peoples’ voices heard.

from: KenG