I came here looking for something new, so far a waste of clicks and electrons.

Optimistic Autistic can be done, Constructive, Creative, and something to counter the popular view that our only art forms are complaining, and paintings rendered on the wall in feces.

There used to be some identity conflict with the mentioned seven billion, but that was before they followed their dream of full unemployment and endless debt. Lately I see the trend reversing, as an example, the people that work at Goodwill said I dress funny, but now they point out the style is catching on. Americans are seeking something new to follow like sheep.

I never thought of myself as a social leader, when I go to the Chinese takeout, they say what I will order when I walk in the door, and mention that others have thrown off the demands of constant novelity, and really want traditional food, a bucket of white rice, with two containers of toppings, enough for several boring but economic meals. It turns out that is how a billion Chinese eat.

Autism is becoming trendy. It is starting slow, but the signs are there that the Neurotypical Bubble is bursting, and all of the talking to others at the watercooler about sports is being seen as the useless filler it is, sold to them by beer advertizers.

Even the claimed magical Mirror Neurons, Empathy, more and more are coming clean and admitting that they have no clue, and just lie to make it seem that they know what is going on.

Neurotypical Culture is a Ponzi, it spread, but to continue, new players are needed, about a doubling of the population, to keep the game going. The illusion of status is fading, just as it always has for older people who at some point quit the game, and wave canes at anyone who sets foot on their lawn, are downright rude to phone sales people, and tell the door to door religious types that is a load of crap.

Old people, with a lifetime of experience, in the wisdom of age, seem to become autistic. They eat the same food over and over, wear out of fashion clothes that are older than most people, and aviod all involvment in social games.

As mortgages go underwater, people who once snubbed me since their house was worth a few thousand more, are now coming to realize with all the cutbacks, the guy next door is the most likely person to save them from some local disaster. When they had money, were making more, they had 10,000 friends, gone now, and making peace with someone they looked down on will not make a friend, but perhaps he will not axe murder them.

We had an early taste of it after Katrina. A third of the city left, half of the under eighteen never returned, and everyone lost connections. Post Katrina people I had seen for years that never spoke to me did. The flood made them insecure, many much poorer, and they were downgraded into my world, or no world at all.

We self centered live as we do, never change, and those who based their identity on having a new Prada Jock Strap, have lost all when the credit line was recended. Our boring unfashionable ways never changed, their whole world ended, and with what they have left, could barely afford to live in my style. Looking for a model that worked, people who managed constant survival, kept themselves involved in some recent obsession, turn out to be the new social leaders.

According to old people and recent trends, we were right all along. We have a natural resistance to change that the Amish admire. We never engaged in the Social Ponzi, sensing that it was a hollow illusion, and now that it has become obvious, the world looks to us for how basic survival works.

In just a few years I have gone from being that weird guy who collects junk, to someone who own antiques, worth something, to a local man who owns the means of production, and is self directed.

When they all worked for big companies, owned a business, were making enough to service their debt, I was considered dumb. Now that that is gone, except the debt, my debt free means of living and production seem a much better path.

In our joint economic future these are the good old days. They lived as Vegas High Rollers, on markers, and now owe the house everything they might make in the future. They are so far down the Endless Pit of Hell would fit in one corner of their hole. Being even, Broke, is the new rich.

In that background, I am debt free, own transport, clothing, and the means of production that will last a lifetime. My methods have shown continual improvment. It forms a base to gather more which is going for pennies in this economic disaster.

I never wasted my time in social networking, so did not share in their losses.

We are the model of the future, trend setters, living in what is real.

contributed by Inventor
Wrong Planet