Aut speaks are an organisation founded on deceit.

Dig beneath the surface of their veneer and you find that:

Aut speaks are the National Alliance for Autism Research
Aut speaks are the Autism Coalition for Research and Education
Aut speaks are Cure Autism Now

These honestly named organisations are now hidden beneath the shiney veneer of Autism Speaks. A name that was deceitfully contrived to give the impression that they represent the ASD community and they use the slogan, ‘It’s time to listen’ to reinforce that deceit.

They do not speak for the majority of the ASD community.
They do not listen to the majority of the ASD community.
They do represent the autism research industry and are dedicated to raising money for them in order to find the causes and eventually cure autism.
They do give some money to the ASD community to generate publicity and perpetuate the lie but the amounts are miserly compared to what they give to the research industry.

They also perpetuate the lie by encouraging ASD people to stand on their platforms and tell their life stories because Aut speaks know that the readers will infer that they are supporting Aspeaks.
The speakers are free to spout their neurodiversity messages (whatever that means)
They can even say, ‘I want my money back.’
But they can’t say, ‘I don’t want a cure’.

Well not yet

posted by heterodox